Welcome to the Fish Health Section of the American Fisheries Society

The Fish Health Section (FHS) is one of the largest and most international sections of the American Fisheries Society. The FHS was formed in 1972 to give fish biologists, diagnosticians, researchers, aquaculturists, veterinarians, administrators, and others involved in fish health, an organization for communication and interaction.


 The New 2016 Book is Here and Free Online

New VEN, VER, and EIBS Chapters Explain These Confusing Diseases

Picture: The retina of a severely infected Australian Bass, from the new 2016 Diagnostic Chapter: "2.2.14 Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy" by Stewart C. Johnson and Diana Jaramillo.

The Blue Book includes three sections:  Diagnostic Methods, Procedures for Aquatic Animal Health Inspections, and Quality Assurance. All three sections of the NEW 2016 Blue Book are, available ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking on the Blue Book tab at the left of this page. The Blue Book is no longer for sale on DVD through the AFS. 


Date and Location Set for Co-Located 2017 FHS Annual Meeting and Eastern Fish Health Workshop (announcement)


Date and Location Set for 2017 Western Fish Disease Workshop (announcement)


Fish Health Laboratory QA/QC Program

The Standing Committee for Quality Assurance has unveiled plans for a multi-tiered program for quality assurance and quality control in aquatic animal laboratories. Details of the initial phase of the program, designated as "Tier 1 - Prequalification", have been finalized and the application can be accessed via (Application). A second phase, "Tier 2 - Recognition" is under development and should be completed by the end of the year. The first two phases will be administered by the FHS, under the guidance of the Standing Committee. Possible future plans might include a third Tier, with actual accreditation under an agency with legal authority.

An application fee for the Tier 1 phase of $500 has been established .For additional information, contact Dr. Chris Wilson at wetvet53@gmail.com.